Recent Academic Publications:

  • Smirnov, N., Easterday, M., Gerber, E.. (forthcoming). Infrastructuring Distributed Studio Networks: A Case Study and Design Principles. Journal of the Learning Sciences. (pdf)
  • Smirnov, N., Saiyed, G., Easterday, M.,  Lam, WSE. (2018). Journalism as Model for Civic and Information Literacies. Cognition and Instruction, 36(1), 1-29. (pdf)
  • Lam, WSE., Smirnov, N. (2017). Literacy and Identity in Mediated Contexts of Transnationalism and MobilityIn S. Thorne and S. May (eds). Encyclopedia of Language and Education, Volume 9: Language, Education, and Technology. Springer. (pdf)
  • Ferman, B., Smirnov, N. (2016). Shifting Stereotypes and Storylines: The Personal and Political Impact of Youth Media. In Conner and SM Rosen (eds). Contemporary Youth Activism: Advancing Social Justice in the United States. Praeger. (pdf)

  • Smirnov, N., Ferman, B., and Cabral, N. (2015). POPPYN: A Philly Youth News Platform. In E. Gordon and P. Mihailidis (eds). Civic Media Project. (html)

Other Writing: